Friday, July 25, 2008

the roger rafa rivalry (whoa alliteration)

Their rivalry permeates beyond the parameters of the court to pose this question: who is hotter? Here's the verdict according to Playboy posing Ashley Harkleroad in an interview with espn.

ESPN: And finally, who's hotter: Federer or Nadal?

AH: That's another tough one. I've never been a huge fan of Nadal looks-wise; I'd probably go with Federer. The other thing with Federer is, he's so nice. He always—OK, maybe not always—talks to me when we're at an event. Last spring I had ovarian cyst surgery, and he was so sweet to me when he saw me, asking me how everything was. He's a great guy and yea, a little better looking than Nadal.


Marija said...

Hey, thanks a lot for adding Women's Tennis Blog to your "Must Read" list. I'm really happy you like my blog.

If you have some questions about blogging, I'll be glad to help you and give you advice.

Annie said...

i prefer quentin; at least he gets to hang out with hollywood celebs. roger, quentin, same difference.