Thursday, July 31, 2008

a non-federer post

In an attempt to alleviate my Federer woes, I've decided to dedicate a post to the wonderful women of the WTA and their fashion statements on and off the court. In no particular order, here are some memorable ones.

love the outfit. love the energy.

maria cheering on her fellow russians during fed cup.... aka: a ploy to snag a spot on the olympic team.... too bad she's injured now.
Jelena rocks this sari... although it's not half as hot as this.

business professional looks good on chakvedatze.

This outfit just works. Kudos to Daniela and Nike.

The (in)famous tux ensemble at wimbledon 2008. Alla Kudryavtseva criticized Sharapova's outfit, but it's not like she could have pulled it off.

Who knew the color of mustard could be so hot?

Daniela looks good in golf outfits too! Can you tell I just love her?

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Anonymous said...

i like the mustard skirt look.