Monday, July 21, 2008


Hello fellow tennis fanatics- aka: fans of THE quintessential sport! Welcome to my (technologically) humble blog, where you'll find the latest tennis news, photos, commentary by yours truly, and tennis fodder! (To borrow from the irresistible and oh-so-wise Perez Hilton, this means gossip from tennis "juice, not from concentrate.")



Jessica said...

Can't wait!

Annie said...

This is very exciting!
I would greatly appreciate it if you could post some pictures of Roger Federer and Quentin Tarentino side by side. Someone needs to call to their attention that they were twins separated at birth.

connie said...

haha i love "juice, not from concentrate" bit... keke

tennisity~ i believe my knowledge of this sport will exponentially expand and be enriched through ur blog~ keke

much appreciated!!!