Sunday, August 17, 2008

RF +SW = BFF and more?

Forty Deuce and others have speculated about Fed and Wawrinka's "special" relationship. (ie: Refer to the picture.)

Here's what Fed had to say about the hugging, kissing, jubilant celebrating, etc..

"Well, I mean, the thing is, I can't just hug a stranger when I win singles (smiling). I could, I guess, but it's just not something you do. The guy would go like, Are you crazy or something? I would just rather not do it. I think that's the difficulties, you know, I guess in singles play, that you're all alone on the court. You win, you sit down. Going through the ceremony is quite different. I'm not the type of guy that's going to run up into the stands and start hugging my family and all my people who came. I never did that; I will never do it. It's a different approach to winning. In Davis Cup we've had some crazy moments, you know. People who know me, they know I'm very open and outgoing. It showed today. That's usually how I really am."


Bama said...

They are lovahs.

Bama said...

They are lovahs.

Juan said...

Stan vs. Mirka

Aggressive Negotiations said...

Please *lol*. He was excited, they were excited and I don't recall any "kissing", just an exuberant hug and that whole camp fire victory dance. I loved it, I thought it was a blast seeing them so happy! You don't normally get a chance to see Federer like that. It was great :D
And for all we Americans who thought it a little bit weird:...they're European. They're way more comfortable exercising normal emotions of excitement; like hugging for example. *lol* If two women pro tennis players did this, it wouldn't be a big deal. I think it's silly. How Roger and Stan acted was purely "of the moment".