Saturday, August 16, 2008

double the gold

"It is like a fantastic dream come true. I feel really happy to win the gold medal. It is great. I enjoy that. I have tried for several times, and I came really close to the medal in Sydney where I finished fourth. . . . Since then I can't stop thinking that if I am the best player in the world, I should do the same in the Olympics, and then finally I made it. It is really special also because it is for Switzerland, you know, you country cannot get so many medals at one Olympics, maybe one or two, but this time I got a gold medal, it is for my country. I really feel different, as it is for my country. It is different from the Grand Slam where I did it for just myself." -TMF after winning the gold in men's doubles.
Congrats to the Swiss duo and all the medalists! Click here to read more about the win!

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